About Us

Mission Statement
To supply the highest level of quality at the most competitive prices by creating an environment where skilled Craftsmen can create, excel and do great things.


Partner Pattern opened their doors January 2, 2019 by Dave Kruger and Mike Wilson.  Their goal is to offer an array of services from traditional hand built patterns to modern use of CNC, CAD and CAM machinery and computer generated designs using state of the art software.

Dave Kruger served his apprenticeship at Wisconsin Pattern and has worked in various pattern shops in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  He was  employed as a Pattern Shop Manager for more than 15 years.

He is experienced in all aspects of foundry requirements including mold making, die polishing, general machine shop activity, CNC operating, and toolpath programming.

Mike Wilson served his apprenticeship in South Africa in traditional hand built pattern making and worked as a pattern making subcontractor for more than 10 years before immigrating to the United States in 2001.

He worked in Winona, MN for 15 years at an aerospace pattern shop.  Along with being an expert in hand built, traditional pattern making, Mike is well versed in modern CNC, CAD and CAM pattern making.